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Fast moving interactive shows over Zoom or similar formats tailored for all ages. Including juggling, plate spinning, magic, balloon modelling, hat tricks and more!
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The Online Balloon Bonanza!

A light-hearted, inspirational and inclusive session to add a different dimension to any conference, party, meeting or team day.

A seasoned circus performer, perfectly turned out in a smart bright suit, arrives on screen with professional quality modelling balloons and introduces himself to the particiapants, outlining the upcoming session.

Each participant already has 15 balloons and a pump, sent out in advance. The performer makes a couple of complicated balloon models whilst and entertaining and engaging with the participants. The instructor then demonstrates what is possible with balloons, from demonstrating ‘the worm’ and ‘the snake’ through the ‘bow and arrow’ to a more complicated creation.

The group might be asked to try to blow up a balloon which is almost impossible without lots of practice. Again this is done in a lighthearted and humorous way.

The participants are then guided through making a balloon dog stage by stage, with squeaks, pops and lots of laughs. We finish with making the balloon bubble at the end of the tail turning it into a ‘poodle’!

Once this has been completed we compare the wonderful creations, noting any particularly good ones or particularly ‘interesting’ ones.

Thomas Trilby online shows circus skills performer
Thomas Trilby online shows circus skills performer

Next up is the balloon ukulele, a playable single string instrument made from one balloon. Everyone can then join in a rendition of a classic song.

If time allows we can have a go at making a flower – another favourite that is simple but looks very impressive.

A prize can be awarded to fit different criteria.

I can add another activity where the participants use the rest of their balloons and what they have already created to make the biggest and most colourful balloon hat possible. We finish with a lighthearted ‘judging’.

This can all be done at home or desks, either seated or standing or in almost any venue to any number of participants.

“That was amazing Jem, they loved it, I got so many messages in the chat saying how much they loved it and enjoyed it.”

Love the idea of The online balloon bonanza?

The Online Juggling Jamboree

An enjoyable, gently challenging session suitable for any event. See a different side to your colleagues or party guests!

Facilitated by a professional circus performer, the session starts with a humorous demonstration of ball juggling, club juggling and hat manipulation. This is around 15 minutes.

Each participant is provided in advance with three juggling balls or scarves and a technique is taught that allows most people to achieve, or be close to achieving, a three ball ‘cascade’ (3 throws and 3 catches – a single round of juggling).

One ball is thrown from side to side to specific points in the air. A rhythm is taught with two balls to get the pattern right then a third ball is introduced. The correct throws are achieved and then everyone builds up to catching all three. We then add ‘joined up juggling’ on the end where the participants get into pairs, stand side by side and use their outside arms to juggle three balls between them.

I have finessed this technique over hundreds of workshops and aim for everyone to finish happy that they have achieved the pattern or aren’t far off.

This normally takes around 30 minutes, making the whole session around 45 minutes.

Thomas Trilby online shows circus skills performer
Thomas Trilby online shows circus skills performer

All of this is done in an energetic and fun way that will get the attention and focus of everyone taking part.

A clear space in front of a computer is required. In front of a desk or workspace works well, or at home, with a quick check for safety!

A similar workshop can be run with plate spinning, again with a plate and stick sent out in advance.

I have performed and run workshops all over the UK and Europe, in Africa and The Middle East, attending events from the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix to the Glastonbury Festival. Previous clients have included HSBC, Endsleigh, Rolls Royce, Dyson, Harrods, KPMG and many more!



My 30 minute show, plus 15 minutes of teaching juggling with scrunched up socks is £150.00.

The balloon modelling and juggling workshops work well as 30 – 45 minute sessions.

For each, separately, I am charging £150.00.

I can combine balloon modelling and juggling, doing 30 minutes of each for £200.00.

A pump and 15 balloons is £3.50.

A set of three good quality juggling balls is £6.75.

First class postage for either of these, or both combined, is £3.85 first class by Royal Mail.

happy customers

They were brilliant at the event, they interacted well with the crowd, were punctual and professional, helpful in encouraging guests to have a go and all round great fun to work with! We will definitely look forward to working with you again!



Thanks so much for last Saturday. You made a real difference to the atmosphere – and people clearly loved having their photo taken with you!



Thanks very much for providing the entertainment at our conference last week! Hope we can work with you again.



Thank you for all your hard work, you are absolutely the epitome of what we are looking for in circus walkabout entertainment.



You were both wonderful and we all loved you both to bits! Thanks for supporting us..… We do hope you will return in the future?



Just wondered if you could pass on my thanks to the guys for Saturday – they were absolutely fantastic both in terms of their performance and personality. Everyone commented how professional they were and we received many complements on their behalf.



Thank you so much for performing at our end of year party. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and they can’t stop talking about how amazing you were! You kept us so entertained and I must admit my face was hurting from laughing by the end of the night. Thanks again.



Jem and his team have worked at the Bugatti Owners Club/Prescott Hill Climb’s most prolific events for the past few years. They are consummate professionals, providing incredible quality entertainment. They are always a crowd pleaser with our visitors, and are so versatile they can adapt to any event theme



Thomas….. added a freshness to traditional stand up.



Thomas Trilby is one of our most popular acts that we’ve booked for every F1 since 2006. He always makes the audience leave with a smile. His amazing and creative costumes will definitely make any event successful.