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Cycling Themed Entertainment

I offer unique and unusual cycling themed entertainment that is eye-catching, engaging and entertaining

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If you’re looking for bicycle themed entertainment or a performance with a cycling theme, I have lots of cycling themed ideas and entertainment suggestions.

Whether it’s a dapper vintage Penny Farthing rider or colourful meet and greet characters riding stilt bicycles. Get in touch to hear more!

Bicycle Entertainment

Stilt bicycle - Stilt bicycle rider - festival entertainer - bicycle themed

Stilt Bicycle

A very rare act – a bicycle that is ridden whilst wearing stilts, allowing the rider to tower above crowds. The perfect act where a large area needs to be covered by a walkabout performer. I can stop, juggle and interact or just keep moving!

Eroica Britannia bicycle entertainer Penny Farthing rider bicycle themed entertainment

Performance Penny Farthing Rider

This penny farthing is a modern 2/3 scale replica, suitable for riding safely in crowds on any surface. Whether dressed as a Victorian policeman or Victorian gentleman in tailcoat or tweeds, the crowds are always entertained and intrigued. Comedy interaction adds to the impact.

Vintage bicycle show with circus performance - bicycles with a vintage bicycle theme

Vintage Penny Farthing

A full size vintage penny farthing is always an attraction and a talking point. Although this one can be ridden it is primarily a prop alongside any of my historical characters

Unicycle rider - unicycling workshop - circus skills


As a unicycle entertainer I bring a popular addition to circus or cycling themed events. The separate front wheel unicycle act makes it even more entertaining.

Vintage bicycle show with circus performance - bicycles with a vintage bicycle theme

Vintage Bicycle Travelling Circus Show

Based on a 1950’s Raleigh Superbe and an adapted trailer, this is a full street show with a traditional plate spinning finale that can move around any event. Shows can run from 5 to 30 minutes with the bike as the backdrop.

impossible bicycle rider - party entertainment

Impossible Bicycle

A classic challenge – the handlebars go one way and the front wheel goes the other. Entertaining to watch, bewildering to try!

Looking for vintage bicycle or cycling themed entertainment for events?

Bicycle themed events

Previous bookings with a cycling theme have included:

The Tour Of Britain

OVO Women’s Tour

London 2012 Olympics

Eroica Brittania