Christmas can be a very busy time for Thomas Trilby, normally starting at the beginning of November! Many of my costumes and characters can be adapted for the festive season and others are just for Christmas...

'The Dapper Chaps' at Christmas.
Two loveable Victorian/ Dickensian gentlemen on penny farthings or stilts creating a traditional festive atmosphere with seasonal trimmings (red gloves and scarves, a twig of holly, a little mistletoe and much seasonal merriment).

The Chipper Cops
One, two or three Victorian Policemen on Stilts ensuring everyone is feeling festive.

Victorian Chimney Sweep
With an authentic old-fashioned brush and period costume I can add some themed entertainment to a Dickensian, Victorian or Edwardian event.

Festive Stiltwalker
A traditional stiltwalker in red furry trousers and santa hat trimmed with white fur who can juggle red glowing clubs or make balloons.

Stilt Bikes
The stiltbike is covered with bright white LED lights, light up christmas presents and tinsel to make a striking mode of transport for a juggling festive stiltwalker. Great for christmas parades and light switch-ons.

Thomas Trilby's Christmas Show
A traditional street show with christmassy touches - including a volunteer dressed as santa for the fire finale!

Previous Christmas Bookings:
Harrods Christmas Parade, Microsoft Children's Christmas Party, Gloucester Christmas parade, Reading City Centre, Worcester Christmas Fair, Living Crafts for Christmas (Blenheim Palace), Lynn Christmas Market, Trentham Gardens, Upton on Severn Christmas Fair, Cheltenham Late Night Shopping.