Corporate & Business

Thomas Trilby provides team building, training or break-out sessions using professional circus equipment kept in A1 condition for corporate workshops. Sessions can be adapted for any business, tailored to the participants and can take place in hotels, at your office, in conference facilities or outdoors. Sessions are inclusive non-threatening, & fun and can reinforce objectives or principles in training and development.

Why Circus Skills?

  • Improves communciation and team work skills.
  • Non - competitive physical activity where everyone participates equally.
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities, everyone is allowed to join at their comfort level.
  • Breaks barriers between participants
  • Everyone feels positive that they have achieved something new.
  • Because it's fun and brings some colour and excitement to the work environment!

How long are the sessions?
Whatever works for you from 30 minute taster session to a fully day.

What can happen in each session?

  • Indroduction, golden rules, safety points,
  • Demonstration/ Show
  • A short activity to warm up, develop working together and co-ordination
  • Demonstrating and having a go at juggling - bean bags or scarves
  • Demonstrating and trying spinning plates
  • Having a go at diablos and flower sticks
  • The big props - fun wheels, unicycles, stilts, mini bikes
  • Longer sessions can include hula hoops, staff manipulation, tightrope, performance skills

How many can take part?`
From 1 to 100, or more depending on the numbers of instructors you book

How much do they cost?
Every event is different, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

What equipment do you use?
Balls x100, Scarves x100, Rings x30, Plates x35, Flower Sticks x35, Diablo x35, Fun Wheels x15, Stilts x10, Mini Bikes x3, Unicycles x10, Poi x10, Ribbons x20, Hula Hoops x30, Staffs x6, Tight Rope.

Who have you worked with?
Microsoft Bahrain International Circuit (F1), HBOS, ESSO, BP, British Gas, Disney Channel Europe, HSBC, Rolls Royce, Swatch, Chelsea Building Society, Suiko, Selfridges, GEC, Endsleigh, Dyson, Lafarge, C&G, Cotswold BMW, NHS, Astra Zeneca and many more.

What do people say about you?
Mnay thanks for yesterday, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The teamwork and interaction was just right, exactly what we wanted. -- Glen Adams - Suiko Management Consultants.

Thank you ever so much for providing such a fun and fantastic atmosphere... the circus skills workshop went down an absolute storm with children and adults alike who all had a go at the activities on offer. Thank you so much for your hard work - 2 1/2 hours of constant entertainment is exhausting but you managed to pull it off. -- Hannah Tapper - BBL Management for Microsoft.